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You can take a single Module or multiple Modules depending on your level of experience.  If you are not sure where you fit in, just email or call Barbara to discuss your requirments.


The Canary Islands are the ultimate Winter Sun location to complete your Fast Track to Professional Skipper.  No other location almost guarantees good sailing weather throughout your course, even in the Winter.  With our 7 islands and  location in the Atlantic off Africa, we are ideally placed for Mile Building, Our British Registered vessels are fully equipped to meet the MCAs stringent Small Commercial Vessel  certificate and our Instructors have many years experience of running courses and are authorized by IYT to train other Instructors.

During your Fast Track course you will not only complete over 3000 miles at sea, you will spend at least three weeks in the classroom ensuring that you have a firm base on which to build your yachting career.  You will learn: 

  • Passage planning, 
  • Advanved Navigation,
  • Tidal Heights & Streams,
  • GPS & Electronic Aids,
  • Vessel Stability, 
  • Safety Equipment & Procedures, 
  • Meteorology, 
  • Collision Regulations (IRPCS). 

During your 3000 miles at Sea you will learn: 

  • Boat Handling under Power & Sail, 
  • Sail Trimming, 
  • Practical Navigation, 
  • Passage Planning, 
  • Pilotage & Watch Keeping.  

You will learn Crew Management and Skipper the vessel on passages as well as practice Safety and Emergency Drills.  You will learn how to maintain a yacht as your course includes learning all about the boats various systems including engine, electrics, standing and running rigging & the sails.

Learn to Sail in the Sun

Your Fast Track includes the following IYT Courses:

  • Interbational Crew
  • Bareboat Skipper
  • VHF SRC Radio Course
  • Master of Yachts Coastal / Mate 200 Tons
  • Master of yachts Limited 200 Tons & Exam
  • STCW Basic Safety Course
We at Club Sail realize that this is perhaps the greatest investment in your future that you will make.  Therefore you deserve the best, a real MCA approved Commercial Certificate of Competence, not an endorsed recreational certificate. You also deserve to complete the internationally recognized STCW Basic Safety Course rather than auxiliary courses only recognized in the UK.
 IYT Sailing / IYT Yachting Courses & Charter in Sunny Tenerife

As the longest established Sailing School on Tenerife, Club Sail offers the full range of IYT Yachting Courses, both practical and theory. From our base at the picturesque Marina of Los Gigantes, in southern Tenerife, sail the islands, and enjoy IYT courses in the sun. Whether you want to complete  International Crew,  International Bareboat Skipper or you are an advanced sailor looking to complete your  Coastal Skipper or Yachtmaster, we can offer you the full range of Sailing Courses and Theory Courses, including VHF SRC Radio. 

As you progress with your IYT Courses and become a International Bareboat Skipper holding the 
ICC (International Certificate for Operators of Pleasure Craft), you will be able to Bareboat Charter sailing yachts, including our Bavaria 36 sailing yacht "Boncho" 


We offer IYT Courses from Novice to Professional!


Novice to

Master of Yachts 200 Tons

or IYT Yachtmaster

Module 1 (2 Weeks)

Bareboat Skipper 

20 Miles Offshore 

Week 1                                      Miles*

International Crew                      100 nm

Week 2

Bareboat Skipper                        200 nm

Module 2 (4 Weeks)

Master of Yachts Coastal 

60 Miles Offshore

Week 3


Pilotage Skills  & 

Passage  Making                          400 nm

Week 4

Close Quarter Skills & Drills          500 nm

Week 5 

Mile Building & Passage 

Making Canaries                          800 nm

Week 6

Master of Yachts Coastal             1000 nm

Module 3 (7 Weeks)

Master of Yachts Limited 

150 Miles Offshore 

Weeks 8 & 9

Mile Building Canaries, Salvagen

 & Madeira                                 1900 nm

Week 10

Close Quarter Skills                    2000 nm

Week 11 & 12

Milebuilding Canaries, Madeira

& Salvagen Islands                      2900 nm

Weeks 13 & 14

Master of Yachts 200 Tons Unlimited & Exam

Module 4 (STCW 95) - Professional Only

STCW Basic Safety

*All details approximate only

Module 1 Bareboat (2 Weeks)

Euros  1400 (GBP £984)


Module 2 Coastal (4 Weeks)

Euros 2800 (GBP  £1968)


Module 3 Offshore (7 Weeks)

Euros 4900 (GBP £3444)


Module 4 STCW 95 

Guide Price:  Euros  775 (GBP £555)

This course can be taken in most countries, depending on the language.  We arrange the course in Tenerife where a knowledge of the Spanish language is necessary.


Zero to Coastal

Modules 1 & 2 (6 Weeks)

Euros 3780 (GBP  £2657)


Zero to Offshore (Master of Yachts Limited)

Modules 1, 2 & 3 (13 weeks) 

Euros 7800 (GBP  £5482)



Food and accommodation is included during practical sailing courses and mile building.  We can assist in finding a suitable Hotel or apartment for private use or an apartment for students to share.

Exam Fees where applicable are included in Module Prices.

Prices include course completion Temporary Certificates but not IYT Definitive credit card style plastic certificates or ICC Certificates. 


We are flexible, you can take the Modules in smaller sections over a longer period of time, fitting in with other courses, or Fast Track on the set Module dates. 

If you already have qualifications, select the Module that you now require, or if very experienced just take the course and exam!

Module 1 Bareboat (2 Weeks)

Take this at any time prior to commencing the Master of Yachts / Offshore Modules 2 & 3.

Module 2 Coastal (4 Weeks)

If you are not participating in a Module you can still take the Course & Exam

Courses Dates                 Exam Date



Module 3 Offshore (7 Weeks)

Courses Dates                     Exam Date


Please Note:  Exam dates can be Coastal or Offshore!



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